Resorts to unveil VIP lounges today


The Cusimanos, of Manchester, Ocean County, have been customers at Resorts since it first opened in 1978. The new VIP lounges are not only designed to pamper regulars such as the Cusimanos, but to also draw new customers to the Boardwalk property, spokeswoman Courtney Birmingham explained.

“We want to create a memorable guest experience every time,” Birmingham said. “It’s also reinvesting in our customers who have been loyal to us for 35 years.”

Equipped with bars, dining areas and buffets, the VIP lounges essentially serve as private clubs for the Resorts customers who hold the casino’s loyalty cards. They are decidedly more upscale than the two VIP lounges that Resorts used to operate, Double Down and Club 1133.

The new lounges are called Epic and Paramount. Their design is similar, although Paramount is larger and slightly more elegant. Paramount will serve Resorts’ higher-level customers, while Epic caters to mid-tier guests. A common entryway for both lounges is reminiscent of the quaint lobby of a boutique hotel.

Amid a color scheme of muted earth tones, customers will dine on walnut tables and sip drinks at bars featuring granite countertops. Contemporary furnishings, artwork that mimics sea coral and decorative light fixtures add to the ambiance.


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