Kids Entertained at a Wedding


The reality of a wedding is that they can be long and boring for kids. It’s a common dilemma for couples who’d love to invite family and friends’ little ones but fear screaming, tantrums and kids running riot.

If you’re inviting young guests, it’s best to have some games and activities on hand to keep them entertained.

Whether it’s keeping kids quiet during the ceremony or giving their parents a chance to let their hair down at the reception, happy, well-behaved child guests are totally possible. And if the kids are happy, so are the parents!

Kids wedding activities don’t need to cost a huge amount either. We’ve got some great ideas like princess parties and gaming stations if you want to go all out. But if you’re doing kids wedding entertainment on a budget, there’s plenty for you too.

Giant Jenga or Connect 4, Twister, a piñata or a ring toss will keep everyone entertained and are a great bit of nostalgia for older guests. If your budget won’t stretch to buying new, ask around your guests what they’ve got hiding in their shed. We’ve got 25 ideas of outdoor games everyone will love to inspire you.

Wedding food is rarely kid-friendly. Throw them their own tea party on a separate table with food they’ll love like sausage rolls and pizza slices. It’ll keep them full and in a good mood, plus it’s cheaper for you! A sweet station is a great addition here too. Set up a pick ‘n’ mix stand with lots of their favourite sweets (although you might need to limit them to only one bag!)

Either pull out your old Nintendo 64 and set it up in a side room, or you can hire amazing retro arcade games and consoles from companies like gaming4weddings. Young guests will be enthralled (and occupied kids means no running around!) and we bet a few adults will be desperate to beat their old PB on Pac-Man.

A colouring book can keep little ones quiet during the ceremony. Ushers can hand them all an activity goody bag when they sit down with some cheap pound shop purchases, like crayons, an activity book, bubbles, Play-Doh or a couple of fancy dress items. You can also buy convenient ready-made wedding activity packs if you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

Buy disposable cameras and give kids a list of photos they need to ‘collect’, like a picture of the cake being cut or the bride and groom kissing. You can print out their pictures for them as a nice reminder of the day. Hey, you might even find a photo you want framed among them!

Cover a table in brown paper and let them scribble away with pens for as long as their heart desires. For slightly older kids, pick up some arts and craft supplies or jewellery sets from a pound shop and let them get making. Just make sure there’s no paints – the last thing you want is a splodge on your white dress!


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